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2 Jan 2020 8:00 AM | Axiom Planet Concierge (Administrator)

Dirty Data? Oh Nooo!

It doesn't have to be that way

Customers usually tell us they wish they had easier ways to do things. Nonprofits, small businesses and organizations often muddle their way through tedious tasks using inadequate spreadsheets or databases. Their workflows don't suffice tracking and verifications. They complain about bad data. 

Do you wish you could keep better data for your customers, sponsors, potential donors, members, and contacts? Do you want better data to help meet your organization's needs and goals? 

• • •

Often, it's not possible or easy to gauge how bad your data is until you use tools that uncover the extent of your problem.

One customer was certain that their registrar was doing a great job until they began using Wild Apricot to enact a new process for tracking and reporting. Only then did they realize the registrar had authorized most permits without verifying eligibility. After all, no one was complaining; nor was anyone looking for this particular problem.

Good data stares at you and shows you the way.

• • • 

A Non-profit customer wondered why so many member accounts were not current. They were surprised when we showed them how many properties in their community were bought and sold in recent years. Land records were not being checked with diligence. It's difficult enough, they said, to collect the community's mandated dues and fees, issue invoices, receipts, passes and permits, then hope they can find time to follow any property sales. Some organizations make due with the volunteers they feel lucky to have. Some don't have the needed budget for hiring the right person with the right skills. 

The customer's new Wild Apricot databank enabled the organization to check and track property sales and purchases and improve the status of their accounts. It made collections easier! They now have clear vision and know what actions to take. Plus, they can quantify trends and plan with better foresight.

• • •

Another customer didn't realize their organization's bank account was significantly short until a board member discovered the discrepancy then later worked with us to set up a Wild Apricot databank and website. We enacted a workflow that ensures tracking of everything they need to know about their accounts and revenue. They collect much better data. They can review administrator actions and can read attached notes fields that contain relevant background details.

There are times you might have to pick up your phone and call your contacts and customers, or beneficiaries, to get their full story. Wild Apricot helps you track the process and report the outcome, with better results. 

• • •

Fed up with dirty data? Do you wish you could dump your spreadsheets? Are you tired of mining your data for answers that aren't there? Do you wish you had a better system?

Tell us about it. Make Contact

— Treva, Planet Concierge


I told a friend that I recently posted a Dispatch about dirty data. She covered her ears with her hands and said "nooo, nooo, I don't want to hear about DIRTY DATA, I know all about dirty data. Ack! No. Nooo."

Fortunately, I can help.

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